Wednesday, June 17, 2009

aq DRUMMER.....

Hello guys,my name is mohammad fakhrul syafiq bin mohammad faruddin
im from johor..
but now stay in setapak, kuala lumpur
born on 5 november 1990

Before I forget, here’s the obligatory ”About Me” post, whereby I recount many of my successes, and gloss over my failures, as these pages are wont to contain. Judge for yourself if I really have the balls to say what I do here.

As you’ve no doubt guessed, “FAUZAN” is a pseudonym, chosen to protect my professional identity. Those who need to know have my true name, so if you need to ask, you don’t need to know. For the bottom feeders reading this, FAUZAN is comprised of exactly two words – “FAUZAN” reflecting the organ I most love to exercise (lust being my favorite vice), and a latin verb meaning “to sift, to understand, to know”.
I am a student and a drummer, located in sunny KUALA LUMPUR. I’ve been around the KUALA LUMPUR METROPOLITAN UNIVESITY COLLAGE about 1 year, honing my skills, making money, building influence, and forming alliances. I consume knowledge in my spare time, with marketing, psychology (specifically, Behavioral Analysis), economics, and really crazy abou DRUM. Before you ask, yes, I do work in advertising, and can back my successes up in this field with clear, objective statistics.
I am a lifelong, natural Satanist, the realization of which came from hard life experience living all over the world and the purposeful study of human nature. I am a more recent member of the HARMACY band, and JENDELA BIRU subscribe to their song. My deepest interest in the music involves the further development of what AMY SEARCH calls, “LONG LIFE WITH MUSIC”
I do stay crunchy in milk, and fresh in the refrigerator for many months.Some assembly required. If I don’t piss you off, then you’re not thinking, but remember: just because you’re pissed, doesn’t mean you’re correct. If you’re not thinking, then off to the desert with Ipissmuss’ Laurel and Hardy for you.
Welcome to the JAH LAA.I speak for no one other then myself. If you find these posts of value, then stick around and pull up a chair.

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